Fire engulfed Susan’s Bay Community

An outbreak of fire has left thousands of people displaced.
It is not clear what caused the fire accident yesterday.

But a stakeholder told this press that the fire emanated from a local stove which went ablaze uncontrollably.

Nearly, 12,000 houses mainly zinc structures are said to have been erected in the community, one of the largest slums in Freetown.

Abdul A.Kamara , Chairman of Susan’s Bay Youth Organization, partially blamed officials of National Fire Force for their late response.

“They came an hour late. And their vehicles ccouldn’t get access to the community because of the distance” he said.

Escaping the fire, an eyewitness account says a number of children may have died after they plunged into the Rokel River.
“I had to swim and rescured some children who jumped into the sea” said, a local rescue volunteer.

Other residents got the news in shock.

“When I returned home, I was unable to enter my room. The fired had engulfed our house already”, explained, Alieu Sorie Kamara

The fire gutted scores of corrugated iron sheets in rubble.

Those whose houses couldn’t be affected by the fire had their properties carted away by purported rescuers.

And women and children were mostly affected.
“As we pulled up our things, thieves carried them away, ” Salamatu Sesay, a resident at Susan’s Bay, complained.

At present, Government Emergency Response Teams such as Ministry of Social Welfare Gender and Children’s Affairs and Office of National Security (ONS) are collecting data of victims.

Sierra Leone Red Cross Society and Children’s Adocacy Network, a local NGO, are responding to the crisis, gathering information on the ground.

Over the years, Susan’s Bay, popularly known as Big Wharf, had experienced repeated fire outbreaks.

But successive governments have failed to address similar occurrences.

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