Housemates Salone TV Reality Show 2019, a paradigm shift in entertainment

By Christian Sesay

Entertainment bridges cultural gaps and ethnic prejudices. Its taste often differs from society to society. Nigeria, for instance, is a better example of a country where entertainment has played a crucial role in a multi-cultural society. Sierra Leone also stands out as a nation in dire need of entertainment to heal wounds and mend fences given her history of conflict.

The country’s entertainment industry today has a broader spectrum than a few years back. It continues to witness a steady growth, though with space for further improvement. This growth has created more opportunities for young people.

There is a practical paradigm shift in the industry with reality television shows now the new trend. The most recent of these was the ‘Big Sister Salone’, organized by one of Sierra Leone’s famous model, musician and entrepreneur, Zainab Sheriff aka de Mamie Na Powa. That event garnered great momentum, given that it was something new in our entertainment industry.

The recent arrival of the Housemate Salone TV Reality show in the entertainment industry is a replica of the recently concluded ‘Big Sister Salone’ show. The Housemates Salone show aims at positively expose the country’s untapped talents as well as promote emerging talents. It was launched by the Africa Young Voices (AYV) Media Empire, in collaboration with Africell Mobile Network as the latest social entertainment project. Its primary focus is to enhance Youth Empowerment as well as provide a platform for young people to showcase their natural talents. 

Speaking to SierraEye, Muctarr Tejan Cole, also known as TJ Cole, a Judge and member of the organizing committee, said the concept was borne out of the growing urge of fans after the Big Sister Salone show, yearning for more exciting reality show in the country. The show has many positive sides, too and above all, some unique difference. He thinks its emergence will also bring opportunities to the country as well as serve as a breeding platform for entertainers who want to unleash their talents on the international stage.

TJ Cole disclosed that the eventual winner will take home Le 100 million which is about US$11,000. Organizing such a show is very daunting and hugely challenging. The African Young Voices (AYV) and Africell, Cole stated, are the prime sponsors of the event, with over US$70,000 budgeted for the entire event.

The success of the show rests on the support of its fans and the general public. Public acceptance is the driving force to the sustainability and success of an event. The organizers now have the responsibility to do everything they could, to give the public what they deserve. This eventually will foster public confidence and trust. The final housemates who were fortunate to be in the house were drawn from several social disciplines. They are now being monitored with an overriding theme. Eventually, at the end of the day, the success of the show will also be determined on the impact it creates on the housemates. The nation is now braced for another exciting show that would last for 8 weeks.

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