Public Officials Must Be Regulated

Dear Editor,

Public Officials Must Be Regulated

There is a new trend with government officials, especially on how ministers conduct themselves when it comes to public engagement. This is mostly so with the use of social media. The manner in which public officials have taken to social media in the last year or so is disturbing and frankly appears to not present any moral sense. It is vital to ask if there is any law that moderates the way some of our public officials conduct themselves on social media.

Government official should not be engaged in constant abuse with members of the public on social media. Ministers represent the Presidency. Like all public servants, they must conduct themselves in accordance with the Codes of Conduct, and Rules and Regulations for the Public Service in Sierra Leone. They must observe public decorum, show a high sense of public morality and not bring their office into disrepute. Minister must not be engaged in social media tirades even in their personal capacities. If they do, they stand the risk of losing public respect for their office. It is about time that the presidency ensures those appointed to higher positions live up to the high expectations of their office.

Moses Dumbuya 

Dear Mr. Editor,

Frequent Industrial Actions at the University  

It is an undeniable fact that since the current political administration took over the country’s mantle of leadership in March, 2018 to date, the University of Sierra Leone, more so Njala University has been adversely affected by several strike otherwise industrial actions by especially its academic staff. This is worrying not only for the present government which emphasized on “quality education” in its manifesto during the campaign period that saw it elected to office but also for students spending their time, efforts and resources in pursuing their various courses including their sponsors.

And the major reason for such industrial actions has most time been money- either late or non-payment of salaries, subsidies or other allowances. It is the recent argument that, such negative trend is being complemented by this government’s new policy of handling payments of particularly salaries to the University staff. And a most recent letter from ASA (Academic Staff Association), Njala has requested a resort to the former policy- University paying its own staff. In that light, I implore the government to allow the University to independently man its affairs though subject to effective and efficient monitoring system so as to see the end of these persistent strike actions relating to monetary issues.

Isatu Kallon -Student, USL

Dear Sir/Madam,

Where Are That Trash Disposal “Green Trucks?”

Let me start by commending the current President and government for the provision of a good number of trash disposal green trucks last year or so, in promoting the country’s monthly cleaning exercise. These trucks have been playing tremendous roles in that direction.

However, in the morning hours of Saturday 1st February, 2020 (national cleaning day), I was perturbed to learn about the unavailability of a single disposal green truck in my community, Devil Hole. What was more hurting was the fact that, as usual, I took my several loaded bags of trash to the normal parking/dumping site only to be told by one of the local monitors to either return them home or find elsewhere to dump/dispose them myself as there was no truck available at the site- unbelievable and dumbfounded! Well, the rest remains a story for another day.

One could sense the embarrassment and constraint faced similarly by other residents that morning, questioning the sustainability of the process. It is my hope and firm belief that the concerned authorities would ensure that during subsequent national cleaning exercises, my Devil Hole community won’t face such a challenge. Thanks once more Mr. President for your astute, though challenging leadership in transforming your promises into realities.

James Sawyer-Cole-Devil Hole Community

Congratulations on Winning AWOL’s Award

I followed the last AWOL Award in Freetown and was happy that your news magazine won last year’s Print Media of the Year Award. This is encouraging and should serve as a major factor for you to continue your great work.

It was good you won at a time when the media is facing numerous challenges, including threats to press freedom. SierraEye Magazine has been providing impartial news report for over a decade, and I look forward to the magazine doing more in the coming years. 

Lastly, please do not relax, thinking you have done it all. This is a new challenge to you and your team of writers. Congratulations!

Fredrick Samuka, Freetown

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