“Business is so hard these days”

“I pay transport and buy ice cubes every day to preserve my one cartoon fish which I would sell at the Kroo Town Road Market. At the moment we experience very low sales…, many of our customers have simply disappeared. Things are really not easy with us the market women these days.  Business is very bad and the money we sometimes spend to transport and preserve our fish is so much that we could hardly realize serious profit at the end of the day” 

Aminata Bangura, Fishmonger,  Kroo Town Road Market, Freetown 

“We must produce more local rice to reduce importing “

“The price of a bag of rice keeps increasing every day because Sierra Leone highly depends on imported rice.  We have the land and climate to work and feed ourselves but it seems we cannot because we don’t want to work very hard to produce our own food. Most university graduates today believe only the white collar jobs can offer them a better life. Our agriculture sector is very weak. During the remime of President Tejan Kabbah, a bag of rice was Le60, 000. During President Ernest Bak Koroma, it went up to 230,000 and today, it costs Le350, 000. This trend will continue if we don’t do something about rice production.”   

Agnes Kanu , Trader

Aberdeen, Freetown. 

Too much police harassment on commercial drivers

“I believe the government should do something now about police harassment on commercial drivers. This is getting out of hands and making life very difficult for not just the drivers but ordinary citizens too. This is because when drivers can’t feel comfortable to ply the streets; there can pass on that difficulty on to the commuters. Who would want to go to Eastern Police when a policeman is waiting to extort you there?  Most traffic police officers today are only interested in money and it seems nobody cares about this situation.”

Morie Smith

Taxi Driver – Eastern Freetown

“University education is in a mess”

“I am a 22 year old Student of Fourah Bay College and I am very disturbed at the way things are happening in the educational sector especially in the universities today. Lecturers are not paid on time and that is why they are almost constantly on strike. Learning facilities are grossly inadequate.    The entire education system needs a massive overhaul. We need to truly examine the whole system and see where the problems are coming from. Already many students in universities are not getting what they are paying for. The whole university system is a mess. “

Adbul Karim

Student, FBC

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