Josephine Kamara’s Challenge: Transforming SLBC Against the Odds

by Sierraeye

President Bio’s appointment of Josephine Kamara as the Director General of the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC) marks a significant stride towards fostering professionalism and excellence in the country’s broadcasting sector. With her extensive experience in development communications and journalism, Kamara is poised to lead SLBC into a new era of independent and impartial broadcasting. However, she faces formidable challenges in ensuring SLBC fulfils its mandate as a truly independent broadcaster.

One of the primary challenges Kamara must tackle is the recruitment and retention of competent staff. All administrative positions within SLBC must be occupied by professionals who prioritize the corporation’s mission over partisan interests. Quality reporters, producers, and other staff members must be recruited based on merit, with fair compensation linked to the quality and impact of their work. Setting clear criteria for senior positions ensures that experience and qualifications guide appointments rather than political affiliations.

Moreover, SLBC urgently requires modern equipment to enhance its broadcasting capabilities. Investment in state-of-the-art technology will improve the quality of programming and signal SLBC’s commitment to delivering reliable and engaging content to its audience. Additionally, restructuring the organizational framework of SLBC is essential to streamline operations and foster a culture of accountability and transparency within the corporation.

Central to SLBC’s transformation is its ability to broadcast unbiased, neutral, and balanced programming that reflects the diversity of Sierra Leonean society. The corporation must strive to cover a wide range of topics and perspectives, ensuring that all voices are heard and represented. Furthermore, efforts to expand SLBC’s coverage across the nation are crucial in providing all citizens with access to its programming, thereby promoting inclusivity and national unity.

While SLBC has made little progress in transitioning from a state-controlled broadcaster to an independent public institution, challenges remain, particularly regarding financial sustainability. A robust business plan is needed to diversify revenue streams and ensure the long-term viability of SLBC. Moreover, training for the Board of Trustees is essential to strengthen governance and support senior management in their efforts to uphold SLBC’s independence and integrity.

Addressing corruption within SLBC is another critical aspect of Kamara’s mandate. Transparency and accountability must be prioritized at all levels of the organization to build public trust and confidence in SLBC’s operations. By fostering a culture of integrity and ethical conduct, Kamara can safeguard SLBC’s reputation as a beacon of independent reporting in Sierra Leone.

Josephine Kamara’s appointment as Director General of SLBC presents a unique opportunity to realize the vision of a genuinely independent and impartial broadcaster in Sierra Leone. Given the resources, independence and freedom, she can position SLBC as a trusted source of information and a catalyst for positive change in our media landscape.

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