Reinstating Lara Taylor-Pearce: A Crucial Step towards Transparency and Good Governance in Sierra Leone

by Sierraeye

As the President makes new appointments, it is essential to highlight the urgent need for the reinstatement of Lara Taylor-Pearce, the Auditor-General of Sierra Leone, and one of her deputies, Tamba Momoh. Their suspension, which has persisted for over 18 months, raises concerns about the government’s commitment to public accountability and good governance. We must advocate for their reinstatement, emphasizing the importance of transparency, justice, and an effective Auditor-General in promoting responsible governance.

The suspension of Lara Taylor-Pearce and Tamba Momoh raised eyebrows and questions regarding compliance with the provisions of section 137 of the Constitution. Several months after their suspension, the delayed presentation of charges raised doubts about the motives behind their removal. The sluggish progress of the Tribunal proceedings further erodes public confidence and raises questions about commitment to justice and accountability.

Public accountability is the bedrock of good governance and national development. The role of the Auditor-General is pivotal in ensuring the effective management of public resources and uncovering instances of corruption and mismanagement. Lara Taylor-Pearce has demonstrated her effectiveness in this role, leveraging her expertise and experience to safeguard the nation’s finances and promote accountability.

The absence of a competent and substantive Auditor-General jeopardizes the government’s ability to maintain fiscal discipline and ensure accountable use of public resources. Lara Taylor-Pearce’s tenure as Auditor-General exemplified her unwavering commitment to transparency, integrity, and efficiency. Her reinstatement is essential to restore confidence in the management of public funds and ensure the government’s adherence to sound financial practices.

The financial and operational independence of the Audit Service Sierra Leone must be prioritized. Without the autonomy provided under subsection 6 of section 119 of the Constitution, the Auditor-General cannot effectively carry out their duties free from bias. It is crucial for the government to respect and uphold the independence of Audit Service Sierra Leone, ensuring unbiased audits and promoting confidence in the management of public resources.

Reinstating Lara Taylor-Pearce as Auditor-General of Sierra Leone, along with her deputy Tamba Momoh, is not just an act of fairness but also a critical step toward preserving fiscal discipline, combating corruption, and promoting responsible use of public resources. Let us collectively call for the reinstatement of Lara and Tamba, emphasizing the significance of an independent and effective Auditor-General in the fight against corruption and the responsible management of public resources.

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