Sierraeye Condemns Attack on Umaru Fofana during Press Conference

by Sierraeye

Sierraeye joins the Sierra Leone Association of Journalists (SLAJ) in strongly condemning the recent incident involving Umaru Fofana, a respected journalist, who was subjected to an attack by supporters of the APC party during yesterday’s press conference.

We are deeply concerned about the safety and well-being of journalists in Sierra Leone. Such incidents not only pose a direct threat to the individuals targeted but also undermine the fundamental principles of democracy, freedom of expression, and the essential role that journalists play in informing the public.

We call on all the APC, SLPP and all other political parties and their supporters to exercise restraint, respect the rights of journalists, and create an environment where differing opinions can be expressed without fear of violence or intimidation. It is crucial for political leaders to denounce such acts unequivocally and take immediate steps to prevent their recurrence.

We encourage journalists to report any acts of violence or intimidation they may encounter, as their voices and experiences are vital in addressing these challenges and fostering a culture of respect for press freedom.

We stand in solidarity with Umaru Fofana and all journalists who face threats and attacks while carrying out their professional responsibilities.

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