Solomon Jamiru – A Public Servant Who Dared to Be Candid

by Sierraeye

In the often-turbulent waters of public office, few figures navigate with the honesty and integrity Solomon Jamiru has displayed throughout his service to Sierra Leone. From Deputy Minister to Press Secretary, he served not as a master but as a servant, his humility and candour a refreshing breeze in the sometimes stifling air of bureaucracy.

Jamiru’s career speaks volumes about his commitment. As Deputy Minister of Information and of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, he tackled complex issues with dedication and a level head. As Press Secretary, he fulfilled his role with sincerity and a rare willingness to be forthright. He understood that honesty, even when challenging, is the bedrock of trust between government and people.

This unwavering commitment to truth resonated in his response to the controversy surrounding his children’s schooling. He didn’t hide, didn’t spin, but faced the issue head-on, laying bare the facts with an honesty that disarmed even the most cynical. This wasn’t just about his family; it was about standing by what he believed in, demonstrating that public service comes with responsibilities to oneself and the people one serves.

On August 10, 2022, a tragic event unfolded as more than 20 protesters and bystanders, along with six police officers, lost their lives in the midst of violent protests stemming from escalating frustrations over the soaring cost of living. In response to these unfortunate incidents, Solomon Jamiru recorded an audio message urging for calm, national cohesion, and caution on the part of the government. Regrettably, his plea went largely unanswered.

Solomon Jamiru’s departure, whatever the reason, leaves a void. But while we may wish him well in his future endeavours, his legacy serves as a beacon. He showed us that humility and integrity aren’t just words but a choice, a daily commitment to transparency and truth, even when difficult. He dared to be candid, and in doing so, earned our respect. We celebrate his dedicated service, honour his humility, and carry his unwavering commitment to truth as a torch, lighting the way towards a future where public service is truly about serving the people.

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